Best 5 Day Hike Appalachian Trail

Are you wondering what the best hike Appalachian trail is? You don’t have to quit your work to satisfy your Appalachian Trail habit, whether it’s a long weekend or simply a long day. There are plenty of doable day walks and short backpacking treks along the Appalachian Trail (AT) that may provide you with a taste of the mountains.

Having completed the Appalachian Trail twice, I have discovered that these miles stand out among the more than 2,000 miles of the trail. While you don’t have to carry a heavy load to enjoy any of them, all five will offer you a sense of the many regional characteristics of the AT that contribute to its unique experience.

These are my top recommendations for the greatest Appalachian Trail walks, ranging from Georgia to Maine.

Top 5 Appalachian Trail Day Hikes: Unforgettable Views

We explore some of the Appalachian Trail’s most breathtaking vistas. These five highly recommended Appalachian Trail day treks can cheer you up, help you beat cabin fever, and give your stride some much-needed energy.

Springer Mountain to Neel’s Gap, Georgia

  • Location: Georgia
  • Miles: 32.3 miles
  • Elevation change: 7,688 ft ascent, 7,943 ft descent
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

The southernmost point on the Appalachian Trail is among the most renowned in the world. For northbound thru-hikers, the first 33 miles represent a milestone, when they either begin to feel their way or realize after a few difficult days that this path is more than they can handle.

Over the course of a long weekend, you can trek one of the greatest sections of the Appalachian Trail. To reach the famous southern endpoint marker, begin at the Springer Mountain Trailhead, trek south for one mile, and consider spending the night at the Springer Mountain Shelter.

Before you reach Blood Mountain, the highest point on the Georgia portion of the Appalachian Trail, and a well-liked day hiking stop with a gorgeous stone Civilian Conservation Corps structure, there are a few designated camping areas.

Grayson Highlands: Massie Gap to Thomas Knob Shelter

  • Location: Mount Rogers, Virginia
  • Trailhead GPS: 36.633327, -81.508759
  • Miles: 8.4 miles
  • Difficulty Level: Moderate

For hikers of all ages, the route from Massie Gap to Thomas Knob Shelter is highly recommended. Magnificent wild horses may be spotted grazing by the route and roaming the mountains. Most of this stretch offers views of broad, sweeping vistas and unusual rock formations.

Any time of year is a great opportunity to do this lovely trek. Vibrant rhododendron blossoms may be seen in late spring, while blueberries border the walkway throughout the summer. Take in the views of the snow-capped mountain peaks in the winter and the vibrant fall foliage.

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Be aware of:

  • Day hikers can enter Grayson Highlands State Park from eight in the morning until ten at night; there is a cost.
  • The park contains a number of campsites.
  • Be ready for windy, chilly, and maybe bad weather.

Dragon’s Tooth: Newport Road to Dragon’s Tooth

  • Location: Virginia
  • Trailhead GPS: 37.371613, -80.149864
  • Miles: 5 miles
  • Difficulty Level: Difficult due to technical terrain

Imagine being transported from the present into an amazing ancient setting. That’s how we perceive this bizarre setting. Geological enthusiasts will enjoy the short ascent to a massive stone monolith that has a resemblance to a dragon’s teeth, thus its name. This is a quick yet enjoyable trek. The steep ascent offers an excellent chance for an intense workout with a significant reward at the summit.

Be aware of:

  • There is hardly much parking on Newport Road.
  • Parking at Newport Road is the best way to avoid crowds, but you may also start at the Dragon’s Tooth parking lot and trailhead, which will connect with the AT on the way up the mountain.
  • This hike is among the most well-liked in Virginia.

Mount Moosilauke: Kinsman Notch to NH 25

  • Location: New Hampshire
  • Trailhead GPS: 44.0398, -71.7921
  • Miles: 9.3 miles
  • Difficulty Level: Strenuous due to steep

For experienced hikers wanting a challenge and for those seeking a breathtaking view from a high altitude, Mount Moosillake is an ideal climb. Ascending to the 4,802-foot top will take you past stunning waterfalls. Take in the expansive vistas for as long as you choose. Because it is frequently windy at the summit, be ready for cold weather. There are other paths up Mount Moosilauke, but none are as rewarding as this extremely difficult walk. Make sure you have a plan in place for your transportation.

Be aware of:

  • To arrange a hiker shuttle, give the Appalachian Mountain Club
  • Above the treeline, fires are prohibited

Katahdin: Katahdin Stream Campground to Baxter Peak

  • Location: Maine
  • Trailhead GPS: 45.8872678, -68.9967133
  • Distance: 10.4 miles
  • Difficulty: Strenuous due to challenging

Without the most iconic trek in all of AT history, this list would not be complete. Reaching a towering 5,268 feet, Mount Katahdin is undoubtedly the tallest peak in Maine, living up to its name. The Penobscot Indians of the area are named “Katahdin,” which translates to “the Greatest Mountain” in Algonquian.

It is the gem in the crown of Baxter State Park and signifies the northern end of the Appalachian Trail. With its breathtaking vistas of Katahdin Stream Falls, life-size granite boulders, and a satisfying 2.4 miles of trekking above the tree line, this demanding climb delivers a lot of punch. Since a large portion of this trip is above treeline, pack for any kind of weather. Hardly any of the trail’s route is smooth.

Be aware of:

  • The trails leading to Katahdin close in October and reopen in late May or early June when the snow melts.
  • Summertime brings out the blackflies. Think about packing a bug net.
  • Anywhere other than the authorized overnight locations is a no-fire zone.
  • The alpine flora is delicate. Especially above the treeline, kindly stay on the route.


The Appalachian Trail is a continuous trail spanning more than 2,000 miles. The top portions of the Appalachian Trail for a weekend or weeklong backpacking trip have been compiled by us. Note that there are several variants to these walks, depending on where you would like to start and finish.

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