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Best Van Life Apps for Campgrounds, Cell Service & Gas

Van life enthusiasts know that finding the perfect campground is essential to a successful trip. Thankfully, there are several campground finder apps that can help you locate the best places to park your van and set up camp. These apps typically provide detailed information about campgrounds, including their amenities, rates, and user reviews, making it easier for van lifers to plan their stays.

  1. Campendium: Campendium is a popular campground finder app that provides comprehensive information on campgrounds across the United States. It includes user-generated reviews and photos, as well as details about amenities, cell service, and nearby attractions. Campendium also allows users to filter their searches based on specific criteria, such as pet-friendly campgrounds or those with electric hookups.
  2. The Dyrt: The Dyrt is another highly rated campground finder app that covers campgrounds in the United States and Canada. It offers an extensive database of campgrounds, including national parks, state parks, and private campgrounds. The app allows users to search for campgrounds based on location, amenities, and user ratings. It also includes detailed information about cell service, which can be crucial for van lifers who rely on internet connectivity.

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Cell Service Coverage Apps

Having reliable cell service is essential for many van lifers who need to stay connected for work or other purposes. Fortunately, there are apps available that can help you determine the cell service coverage in different areas, so you can plan your route accordingly and stay connected on the road.

  1. OpenSignal: OpenSignal is a popular app that allows users to check the quality and strength of cell service coverage in specific locations. It provides detailed maps that display the signal strength of different carriers, so you can see which areas have the best coverage. OpenSignal also includes speed test features that allow users to measure the data speeds of different carriers, which can be helpful for van lifers who rely on internet connectivity for work or entertainment.
  2. RootMetrics: RootMetrics is another useful app for checking cell service coverage. It provides detailed maps that show the signal strength and data speeds of different carriers in specific locations. RootMetrics also offers a history of cell service performance, so you can see how coverage has changed over time. This can be particularly useful for planning routes in remote areas where cell service may be spotty.

Gas Station Finder Apps

Finding gas stations along your van life journey is crucial to keep your vehicle fueled and your adventures going. Gas station finder apps can help you locate nearby gas stations, compare prices, and plan your fuel stops more efficiently.

  1. GasBuddy: GasBuddy is a popular gas station finder app that allows users to find nearby gas stations and compare prices in real time. It relies on user-generated data to provide up-to-date information on gas prices, allowing you to find the cheapest fuel options along your route. GasBuddy also offers rewards and loyalty programs that can help you save money on gas purchases.
  2. Google Maps: Google Maps is a widely used navigation app that also includes a gas station finder feature. Users can search for nearby gas stations and view their prices, as well as read reviews and see photos. Google Maps also provides directions to the gas stations of your choice, making it easy to plan fuel stops along your route.


These are some of the best van life apps for campgrounds, cell service, and gas that can help you plan and optimize your van life adventures. From finding the perfect campground to checking cell service coverage and locating nearby gas stations, these apps can be valuable tools for van lifers looking to make the most of their travels. So, download these apps.

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