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What are the Dimensions of the Citroën Relay (2006-on)?

Creating your own panel van conversion can be an exciting and challenging project. To make things easier for fellow DIY enthusiasts, you’ve compiled valuable information about the dimensions of the Citroën Relay cargo space. Here’s a comprehensive breakdown in both centimeters and inches:


  • Interior Dimensions (Length):
    • L1: 2670mm
    • L2: 3120mm
    • L3: 3705mm
    • L4: 4070mm
  • Interior Width: 1870mm
  • Exterior Width: 2254mm
  • Interior Height:
    • H1: 1662mm
    • H2: 1932mm
    • H3: 2172mm
  • Wheelbase Lengths:
    • SWB (Short Wheelbase): 3000mm
    • MWB (Medium Wheelbase): 3450mm
    • LWB (Long Wheelbase): 3800mm
    • XLWB (Extra Long Wheelbase): 4035mm
  • Width Between Wheel Arches: 1422mm


  • Interior Dimensions (Length):
    • L1: 105.1″
    • L2: 122.8″
    • L3: 145.9″
    • L4: 160.2″
  • Interior Width: 73.6″
  • Exterior Width: 88.7″
  • Interior Height:
    • H1: 65.4″
    • H2: 76.1″
    • H3: 85.5″
  • Wheelbase Lengths:
    • SWB (Short Wheelbase): 118.1″
    • MWB (Medium Wheelbase): 135.8″
    • LWB (Long Wheelbase): 149.6″
    • XLWB (Extra Long Wheelbase): 158.9″
  • Width Between Wheel Arches: 56″

Additional Information:

The Citroën Relay is essentially the same as the Jumper and shares its chassis with the Fiat Ducato. Notably, it also utilizes the same chassis as the RAM ProMaster and the Peugeot Boxer.

This detailed breakdown will undoubtedly assist others in their van conversion projects, whether they are transforming it into a camper van or planning the layout for a corporate van. Best of luck with your conversion, and may this information be a valuable resource for the DIY van conversion community!

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Dimensions of the Citroën Relay (2006-on) in Tables


Exterior length (mm)49635413599863632254
Exterior length (inch)195.4213.1236.1250.588.7

It’s essential to note that all models of the Citroën Relay share the same interior and exterior width:

  • Interior Width: 73.6″ or 1870mm
  • Exterior Width: 88.7″ or 2254mm


Inside dimensionsL1L2L3L4Width
Interior length (mm)26703120370540701870
Interior length (inch)105.1122.8145.9160.273.6


Max. floor areaL1L2L3L4
Square meters (m2)
Square feet (ft2)53.762.874.681.9

It’s important to consider the specific details, and in the case of the Citroën Relay, it’s worth noting that the indicated interior and exterior width doesn’t account for the wheel arches.

  • The width between the wheel arches on this model is 1422mm or 56″.


Roof in millimetersH1H2H3
Interior height (mm)166219322172
Exterior height (mm)225425242764
Roof in inchesH1H2H3
Interior height (inch)65.476.185.5
Exterior height (inch)88.799.4108.8


Wheelbaseshort (SWB)medium (MWB)long (LWB)extra-long (XLWB)
Wheelbase length (mm)3000345038004035
Wheelbase length (inch)118136150159


DoorsSide doorRear door
Door width (mm)12501562
Door height (mm)14851520
Door height H2 (mm)1790
Side doorRear door
Door width (inch)49.261.5
Door height (inch)58.559.8
Door height H2 (inch)70.5

Here’s more information on van dimensions, including explanations for the difference between exterior and interior width, the meaning of terms like L1 or H3, how to read measurements, and why dimensions matter. Additionally, there’s a section on whether you can stand up in a Citroën Relay:

Understanding Van Dimensions:

If you’re curious about:

  • Why there’s a difference in exterior and interior width
  • What L1 or H3 means
  • How to read measurements
  • Why dimensions matter

…the post on how to understand van dimensions provides insightful details. It’s a recommended read for those seeking clarity on these aspects.

Can You Stand Up in a Citroën Relay?

  • Standing up in an empty van:
    • The interior roof height of a Citroën Relay is 1662mm (H1) – 1932mm (H2) – 2172mm (H3).
    • If you’re of medium height (178cm or 5″10′), standing up is not possible in a Citroën Relay H1. However, you can stand up comfortably in a Citroën Relay H2 and above.
  • Insulating the van:
    • If you plan to insulate and clad the floor and roof, standing up fully in a Relay H1 may not be feasible. Nevertheless, a H2 model and above should still provide sufficient headroom for standing.

What’s a Citroën Relay High Top?

  • Citroën Relays come with both high and low tops.
  • High tops feature elevated roofs to offer more headroom.
  • Generally, anything above H2 is considered a high top, ensuring ample space for standing up fully.

This additional information should enhance your understanding of van dimensions and help you make informed decisions, especially when considering factors like headroom in a Citroën Relay conversion.

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