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Will a Motorcycle Fit in a Cargo Van?

If you’re looking to take your motorcycle with you on the road or will a motorcycle fit in a cargo van. You may wonder if it’s possible to transport it in a cargo van. The answer is yes, but there are some important factors to consider before attempting this type of move. Let’s break down the best way to fit a motorcycle in a cargo van.

Choosing Your Cargo Van

The first step is choosing the right size cargo van for your needs. You will need to measure the overall length of your motorcycle and compare it to the interior dimensions of available vans. It is also important to consider that while the bike may fit length-wise, you should leave enough room so that you can easily access any areas that require maintenance or repairs while in transit.

If you plan on transporting multiple bikes, you will also need to factor in extra space for them as well as additional items like helmets and riding gear. You may want to consider renting an extra-long cargo van if you plan on carrying more than one bike and other items for an extended period of time.
Preparing Your Motorcycle For Transport

Once you have chosen your vehicle, it’s time to prepare your bike for transport. Before loading your bike, make sure all fluids are topped off and fully secured so they don’t leak onto any other items in the van during transportation. Additionally, be sure to secure all loose parts on your bike by using bungee cords or special straps designed specifically for motorcycles, as these will protect against accidental damage during transport.

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Loading Your Bike Into The Van

When loading your bike into the van, place it at an angle so that its center of gravity is within the wheelbase of your vehicle. This will help prevent any shifting during transit and increase stability when driving over bumps or uneven terrain. When unloading, reverse this process and tilt back slightly until both wheels are firmly planted on solid ground before releasing pressure from any straps or ties used during transport. Be sure to check tire pressure regularly throughout transit and adjust accordingly when necessary.


Transporting a motorcycle via a cargo van can be done safely if done correctly. Proper planning ahead of time includes selecting an appropriate size vehicle, preparing your bike properly before loading it into the van, and taking extra precautions while driving. You can ensure that your motorcycle arrives safely at its destination without any damage incurred along the way. So if you’re looking for a convenient way to move your bikes, a cargo van might just be the perfect solution.

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