Is It Safe To Travel To Jordan Right Now?

Are you wondering why while it is it safe to travel to Jordan, there are currently several official advisories that advise against traveling there? For example, the United Kingdom Foreign Office advises “against all but essential” travel to Jordan; because of the political climate in the nation, avoid staying within three kilometers of Jordan’s border with Syria; Jordan is a potential target for terrorist attacks, and there have been multiple incidents there since 2016. There are also issues at the Israeli border.

Following an extraordinary attack by the Palestinian militant group Hamas on Saturday, Israel declared war on Gaza, and now everyone is waiting to see what else might happen.

What’s the latest government advice about traveling to Jordan? 

In an update to its travel advisory, the UK Foreign Office states that it is not advisable to go to Jordan unless in cases of extreme need and that the situation is “fragile” within three kilometers of the country’s border with Syria.

In addition, it warns that borders with Israel may be abruptly closed due to fighting and suggests avoiding any travel to the Iraqi districts that border Jordan.

Travelers should exercise caution even though Jordan’s political climate is stable and demonstrations in Amman and other cities are often nonviolent.

What about the travel advisory?

Like the Foreign Office of the United Kingdom, the Jordan Travel Advisory advises being cautious. They advise against visiting any of the following places:

East of the village of Ruwayshid and 3.5 kilometers from Jordan’s Syrian border, Zarqa, Rusayfah, and the Baqa’a neighborhood of Ayn Basha have been designated as Syrian refugee camps in Jordan owing to government limitations because of the potential for terrorism and criminal activity.

Additionally, it exhorts visitors to think twice before visiting Ma’an City and some parts of the Ma’an Governorate. Visit their homepage to learn more about their recommendations for visiting Jordan.

What are Jordan’s entry requirements? 

In order to enter Jordan for tourism, British nationals must require a visa, which can be obtained upon arrival. The validity of your passport must be at least six months on the day of your arrival.

A 30-day tourist visa is available for 40 Jordanian dinars (£46.16). Once in Jordan, the visa can be renewed for a maximum of six months. On the other hand, if you plan to remain in the nation for longer than thirty days, you will have to pay 20 dinars (£23.08) for a health certificate and submit to an obligatory HIV test.

There is an exit fee of ten dinars (£11.54) if you’re leaving the nation by one of the road borders; travelers departing the country by air are not subject to this charge.

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Has Jordan been affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict? 

Since Jordan is not a combatant in the conflict between Israel and Hamas, it has not been directly impacted. Nonetheless, it has been one of the Arab countries attempting to mediate a settlement between the two.

Is it safe to visit Petra in Jordan right now?

Petra is situated in southern Jordan, a region that is secure and remote from the fighting. Due to its continued safety, Eilat Airport, which is situated in southern Israel, is still accessible to foreign travelers. Nevertheless, it’s critical to be informed about travel warnings and changes related to the Israeli conflict.

Generally advised safety measures before visiting Jordan

Following are the general advice and safety measures before visiting Jordan:

Consider your safety when taking taxis

Numerous complaints have been made by female tourists regarding harassment by taxi drivers. Your greatest chance of avoiding this is to sit in the rear and keep an eye out.

Before using the Desert Highway, make sure of the conditions

The primary highway that runs across Jordan from north to south, Highway 15, connects Amman to neighboring towns like Aqaba. The roadway has periodically been stopped and other portions have occasionally been blocked due to disturbances in Ma’an, in the south. Always heed police orders, and stay informed about any closures by following the local news.

 Be cautious when around or on roadways

The roads in Jordan, especially in Amman, might be a little busier and more chaotic than you’re used to. Given that traffic regulations appear to be disregarded more often than they are observed, road accidents rank as Jordan’s third most common cause of death.

Keep an eye on your possessions

throughout some of the busier places, pickpockets and purse-snatchers have been observed throughout Amman’s Old City and at major tourist attractions. Keep your valuables hidden only for peace of mind.


With the exception of cautioning against crossing the Syrian border, the UK Foreign Office regards Jordan as a safe location to visit and does not issue any travel recommendations. Even though the majority of visitors have traveled through the nation incident-free, it is still wise to exercise caution. Jordan has a typically low crime rate, with pickpocketing, bag snatching, and auto theft accounting for the majority of instances. It is advisable to safeguard your belongings and carry a copy of your ID in case of inspections.

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