Is It Safe To Travel To Dubai Right Now?

Today we talk about whether it is safe to travel to Dubai right now. With their stunning cities, expansive deserts, and stunning beaches, Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the most visited of the UAE’s seven emirates.

When you arrive in Dubai, you’ll witness the highest tower in the world, resort hotels that vie for lavishness, and tiny wooden boats that continue to operate on the creek. Even though it’s smaller and less flashy, Abu Dhabi has amazing architecture and exciting theme parks.

What’s the latest government advice about traveling to Dubai?

In light of the Israeli war, the Foreign Office (FCDO) of the United Kingdom has not modified its travel advisory. The FCDO does, however, provide some advice on visiting the UAE. It states that “attacks are likely” and that “there is a possibility of an increased threat against Western interests, including against UK citizens,” in light of several missiles fired from Yemen into the United Arab Emirates in early 2023.

Dubai Entry Requirements

Travel to Dubai is now possible. Even now, during the epidemic, everyone who is ordinarily permitted in the Emirates is permitted to visit them. All guests must, however, provide a negative PCR test that was obtained no more than 72 hours before departure or quarantine. Upon arrival, passengers from high-risk nations will undergo further testing. Visit our post on Dubai’s reopening for the most recent details.

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What are the safety measures in Dubai?

  • The United Arab Emirates is worried about the novel Omicron strain despite the quick distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination and its prior effectiveness in stopping the spread.
  • It is requested that both locals and guests maintain their social distance. Additionally, masks are necessary for both private and public events.
  • It is now legal for hotels to run at full capacity. Shopping centers, cafés, and restaurants are all open.

Why visit Dubai during the COVID-19 crisis

Sea, sun, opulent hotels, flashy clubs, and world-class shopping. It makes sense that Dubai has grown to be one of the most popular travel destinations, particularly during the last 20 years. The Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest structure, as well as cutting-edge development and contemporary design, can all be found in the City of Gold.

Expo 2020, originally scheduled for Dubai, has been rescheduled in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. October 1, 2021, is when the exhibition opens, and it runs until March 20, 2022. Does it seem like a great itinerary for a fun fall vacation? The selling of tickets has begun.

General Questions Mind in the Travelers

The following questions related to visiting Dubai were answered:

Has Dubai been affected by the Israel-Hamas conflict?

At the moment, the violence is not affecting Israel’s neighbors, Egypt and Turkey, nor Dubai or the larger United Arab Emirates. So, visitors can easily visit Dubai without any hurdles and just complete the requirements of the country.

Can I travel to Dubai without a visa?

At immigration, holders of British passports will be issued a tourist visa to Dubai, which will be stamped in their passport. It lasts for 30 days and is free. It is not necessary to apply ahead of time.

Can you drink in Dubai?

Both locals and visitors are permitted to consume alcohol at hotels, restaurants, and clubs as well as at home; however, residents of Dubai must have a liquor license in order to purchase alcohol from a store.

What should I wear in Dubai?

When in public, especially in places like parks and shopping centers, women should dress modestly. This implies that no undergarments or swimsuits should be shown and that clothing should cover the upper limbs. Having a scarf or shawl on hand to cover your shoulders when necessary is helpful.


The CDC has listed the United Arab Emirates aslow-risk.” As a result, things are rather steady, and traveling to Dubai is thought to be secure. To be safe, nevertheless, if you intend to travel to the United Arab Emirates, make sure you have had all recommended vaccinations or abide by all rules. Nearly all citizens of the United Arab Emirates have gotten at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccination, which is excellent news. Additionally, hotels, cafés, restaurants, and other venues are able to resume full operations. The nightlife in Dubai has also returned.

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