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Suv Cargo Space Comparison Chart

In this overview, we’re spotlighting a dozen large SUVs renowned for their capability to selectively expand Suv Cargo Space Comparison Chart while accommodating up to nine passengers. These SUVs vary from car-based crossovers with standard front-wheel drive (optional all-wheel drive) to robust truck-based models boasting rear-wheel or four-wheel drive systems.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Owners can optimize cargo or passenger space as needed.
  • Drivetrain Options: Car-based crossovers offer front-wheel drive, with optional all-wheel drive. Truck-based models provide rear-wheel or four-wheel drive for enhanced traction.

Exploring Heavy Haulers:

Let’s dive into the details of these heavy haulers and determine which ones excel at transporting substantial cargo from point A to point B.

Important Note:

Our rankings and reviews are regularly updated with the latest data, ensuring accuracy and relevance. Scores presented here may differ from those on other sections of our site due to ongoing updates.

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SUV Cargo Space Comparison List – Rep. Dominicana:

  1. Dongfeng T5evo Crossover SUV 2021
    • Model: Turbocharged 1.5td / 7dct
    • Transmission: Tipo De Lujo and Tipo De Super Lujo
  2. Mercedes Benz GLE 450 SUV AMG 2020
    • Model: GLE 450 SUV AMG 2020
    • Transmission: Clean Carfax, Version Americana
  3. Jeepeta Tipo Van Nueva Chevrolet Uplander LS 2008 SUV
    • Model: Jeepeta Tipo Van Chevrolet Uplander LS 2008
    • Transmission: Recien Importada, Motor 3.9 V6
  4. Dongfeng T5evo Crossover SUV 2021 (Reiterated)
    • Model: Turbocharged 1.5td / 7dct
    • Transmission: Tipo De Lujo and Tipo De Super Lujo
  5. Motor Trend – Rubber Floor Mats for SUVs, Trucks, and Cars
    • Product: Flex Tough- Advanced rubber polymers for extreme durability.

Additional Details:

  • The list includes a mix of turbocharged engines, clean Carfax versions, and recently imported models.
  • Prices and availability may vary; it’s advisable to check the latest information for accurate comparisons.
  • The SUV market is dynamic, with continuous releases of new models.


Our SUV Cargo Space Comparison Chart serves as a comprehensive guide for potential buyers in the Dominican Republic, offering insights into the cargo capabilities of various large SUVs. Whether prioritizing luxury, performance, or cargo space, this chart provides valuable information for informed decision-making.

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