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Top 6 Work Van Shelving Ideas of 2024

For DIY business owners, your vans are essential to your livelihood, and efficiently upfitting them is crucial. Your time and bottom line are precious, so finding quick and effective ways to customize your vehicles to meet your needs is essential for your business operation. Let’s explore some fast van shelving ideas to help you get your working vehicles ready for the road.

Work Van Shelving Ideas
Work Van Shelving Ideas

Turning your van into a mobile workshop that’s always ready for any job and any site can pose challenges. Are you ready to tackle them? Customizing your van with drawers, shelving, and partitions is key to maximizing space. Ensure you and your crew are fully prepared for every task by making the most of your van’s interior.

Choosing the right upfitting service is crucial for your business. Equip your team with the necessary tools to excel. Whether it’s two-four drawer cabinets or steel shelf small parts bin cabinets, having the right accessories and racks can significantly enhance efficiency.

Assess what your vans need the most. Is it shelving for organization? Do you require cabinets for storing tools and equipment? Or is a complete overhaul necessary? Consider the big picture when deciding on upfitting and accessories. Prioritize your needs over wants to ensure optimal use of your van. Remember, it’s your livelihood at stake.

Van Shelving Designed to Save You Time and Money

If you work in construction, you understand the importance of maximizing space in your work vehicle to keep your day running smoothly. You can’t afford to worry about a lack of space or your equipment rattling and potentially getting damaged while on the move.

To ensure your tools and materials are securely organized and easily accessible, bott Smartvan allows you to create your own customized solution to your van storage and transportation needs. With the option to pay in monthly installments, you can design the perfect solution with a pricing plan that fits your budget.

Van Shelving Designed to Save You Time and Money
Van Shelving Designed to Save You Time and Money

This commercial van storage system is sturdy and durable, featuring customized modules for both smaller tools and heavier equipment such as wheelbarrows, shovels, saws, machines, wooden slats, concrete bags, and more.

Easy to install and designed with a no-drill feature to protect your van, bott Smartvan saves you time and money with its wide range of durable, customizable shelving storage systems, perfect for construction work. Features include trough shelves, frame end panels for mounting accessories, tool case holders, and much more.

Solutions Tailored to Your Workflow and Requirements

Our van shelving systems are designed to provide tailored solutions specifically for construction workers like you. With bott Smartvan, you can save time and money by effectively organizing your larger equipment and securely storing your smaller tools for easy access.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution here. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll deliver. From van shelving to customized storage boxes with multiple inlays, bott Smartvan’s van storage systems can help you efficiently organize your vehicle, allowing you to quickly locate tools and safely secure larger items. This optimization of your workflow saves you both time and money.

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Top 6 Van Shelving Ideas To Maximize Your Vehicle’s Space

If you work from your van, you understand the challenge of keeping your tools organized. Installing shelves and storage systems is a great solution to this problem while also ensuring the safety of your mobile workstation. However, it’s not a simple project to undertake. To truly maximize your space and improve work efficiency, several factors must be considered, including the interior layout, size of your van, storage needs, and workflow.

Finding the right shelving solution can be tricky, but don’t worry. Here are some excellent van shelving ideas from specialists that you may want to consider:

1. Purchase a Complete Shelving Kit:

If you’re not experienced in designing and building shelves, buying shelving kits is a practical choice. This saves you time and possibly money. Ensure you buy from reputable stores known for selling cargo parts and accessories. Shop online and read testimonials before making a purchase.

2. Choose Aluminum Shelves:

Aluminum shelves are recommended over steel ones. While they may be more expensive, they are significantly lighter, reducing the risk of overloading your van and increasing fuel consumption. Steel shelves should only be chosen if you’re carrying heavier equipment.

3. Opt for Adjustable Shelving Solutions:

Adjustable commercial shelves save space and offer flexibility in altering the van layout to accommodate larger equipment. They also save money as you may not need to buy a new shelving system when modifying your van interior in the future.

4. Build a False Floor:

A false floor allows you to accommodate larger items while avoiding clutter, providing ample working space and easy access to other equipment. Build it with plywood panels and ensure accessibility through the side or rear door. Consider adding sliding drawers for further optimization.

5. Hang as Much as Possible:

Hanging essential tools makes day-to-day work easier and offers better visibility. Hang tools on the walls or doors of your van to save space on shelves for securing expensive equipment.

6. Mickey Parts:

Mickey Parts offers a wide range of van body parts, including shelving and storage systems designed for commercial vans. They also provide tie-downs and straps for securing cargo loads and offer installation services. Contact them today to learn more about their products and services.

These van shelving ideas are sure to help you maximize space and efficiency in your work vehicle.

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