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What Are The Best Vans For Van Life?

On the off chance that you’re perusing this blog post, chances are you’re likely pondering, What are the best vans for van life? There are diverse alternatives out there to select from, and each van model has its own pros and cons. What you’ll be utilizing the van for and the climates you hope to travel in are just a couple of components that decide what the most excellent van will be for you.

We jump into all the subtle elements around the finest vans to live in and discuss the masters and cons of the foremost well-known vans for van life. We’ll cover budgets, off-road capability, cargo space, and more, so you’ll limit down the most excellent choices that will work for your way of life.

Choosing The Best Vans For Van Life

We’ll examine the most prevalent categories of van life vans, and at the end, we’ll specify a few common non-standard alternatives.

Mercedes Sprinter Van

A Mercedes Sprinter is considered one of the leading vans for van life, indeed, in spite of the fact that it incorporates a heftier cost tag than comparable vans. We chose a Sprinter van as our momentary camper van due to its 4×4 capabilities, clearance, diesel motor, and resale value. As of 2023, unused Mercedes Sprinters come in RWD or AWD. The 4×4 show is accessible in utilized Sprinters.

Ford Transit Van

There is a bounty of security highlights within the Ford Transit, counting forward-collision caution and programmed crisis braking, with parcels of choices accessible as updates. The inside cargo space of the biggest Ford Transit is smaller than a Mercedes Sprinter but bigger than a Dodge Promaster.

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Dodge Ram Promaster Van

The Ram Promaster is the foremost “square” of the major cargo van choices, meaning building it out is marginally less complicated than the Ford Transit or Mercedes Sprinter and their adjusted bends. Another fundamental point is its tight turning span and simple maneuverability. The Dodge Promaster comes with one sort of motor: a 3.6-liter

American Box-Style Cargo Van

American cargo vans are the most reasonable alternative and offer a great bang for your buck. Cargo vans such as the Ram vans, Chevy Express Astro, or Ford Ecoline are based on pickup trucks. This implies that they, for the most part, have enormous engines and bulky drive trains, letting you drive around with more weight. Moreover, these vans ordinarily have great aftermarket bolsters for safe parts.

Ford E-Series Van

The Ford E-Series is one of the leading vans for van life on the off chance that you’re planning on doing some stealth camping. These nondescript white cargo vans are regularly utilized by development specialists, circuit repairmen, and handymen. Ford supplanted the Econoline with the Ford Transit in 2014, but for the cutaway form, which Sportsmobile presently employs for its 4×4 van changes.

Chevrolet Express Van

The Chevy Express vans are fundamentally the same van with distinctive names. Just like the Ford E-Series, these are a few of the most excellent vans to live in for urban stealth camping. You’ll discover a powerful engine on these vans, but there’s no tall roof option like the Ford Transit, Sprinter, or Promaster. The look of the van is additionally a bit outdated. The final body update was in 1996.

Chevy Astro Van

The Chevy Astro van is one of the most reasonable vans you’ll live in. These tough cargo and passenger vans have a faction taking after them, with individuals either jacking them up to make them off-road-able or lowering them. Chevy Astro vans were built between 1985 and 2005. They were sold at the side of the GMC Safari. Both vans are indistinguishable, with distinctive names and branding.

Nissan NV 200 Van

The Nissan NV200 is a reasonable and stealthy little van you’ll live in. This cargo van gets incredible gas mileage (24–26 mpg on the interstate), fits into a compact stopping space, and is truly simple to drive. On the off chance that you’re trying to find a reasonable van to live in, the Nissan NV200 is the cheapest in its class of compact cargo vans. Be that as it may, its cargo space is normal for its course, making it an extraordinary little van for van life.

Mercedes Metris Van

The Mercedes Metris could be a modern van for the North American market, being presented in 2015. What’s cool about this capable small van is that it can arrange the Weekender camper bundle right from the dealership. The Weekender incorporates a pop-top roof with a bed that can rest two, a sliding raise bench seat that changes over into a bed for two, and front swivel seats. You’ll be able to pay for more overhauls or do them yourself.


Keep in mind, that the best van for van life is eventually the one that fits your way of life, needs, and budget. Be open and versatile and beyond any doubt you’ll upgrade your van all through your van life as things alter. Your culmination fix is out there. Take your time and appreciate the travel to discover it.

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