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Where To Shower Van Life? 12 Ways To Shower!

Having a campervan shower can end up being something of a burden. It takes up profitable space in your floor arrangement, and you’ll discover you employ it less frequently than you thought you’d. Keeping up with cleanliness can be a challenge when you’re living on the street. Showering in particular is something you’ve got to arrange for. We’ve composed this article to give our readers broad counsel on how to shower van life.

8 Ways to Shower in Van Life

There are numerous other choices for getting clean on the street that don’t incorporate a costly alteration to your camper. These choices are either cheap or free and are accessible all through the US.

1. Portable Showers

A portable shower may be a cheap elective to a full-on shower. Indeed on the off chance that you are doing have a shower in your camper, I recommend carrying one of these with you as well. They’re too awesome to go along on open-air trips and climbing trips.

2. Solar Shower Bag

The most effortless portable shower to utilize (and the as-it-were strategy that conveys hot water) is the sun-powered shower. Usually, I utilize it as my portable shower and it’s so straightforward! To utilize a solar shower pack, fill it with water and set it in the sun. The water warms up shockingly fast and remains hot for a shocking sum of time, as a rule, many hours.

3. Hand Pump Shower

If water pressure is more important to you than hot water, a hand pump shower might be more your speed. This unit holds up to 1.5 gallons of water and can be pressurized up to 45psi, meaning it delivers the same water pressure as a garden hose. It comes with an adjustable nozzle that has 5 different settings: jet, mist, shower, flat, and super pressure.

4. Rechargeable Shower Head

A battery-powered shower head turns any bucket into a shower. Fair drop the pump into a bucket of water and turn it on. The pump draws water from the bucket, through the hose, and pushes it out through the shower head.

5. Water Spritzer

Whereas I don’t suggest that you just depend on a water spritzer as your as it was showering framework, it is helpful to keep one around for those events where you aren’t able to hang your sun-powered shower or set up your rechargeable shower head.

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6. Rivers and Lakes

The most effortless way I’ve found to find lakes and waterways (and get a feel for their cleanliness and adjacent comforts) is essentially utilizing Google Maps on my phone and writing in “lakes close me” (or rivers).

7. Truck Stops

This may not be your to-begin-with-van-life shower thought, but truck stops can offer awesome showers as long as you’re savvy and take steps to guarantee your security.

8. Gym Chains

On the off chance that you need to know where to shower in Van Life, look no further than your nearby exercise center. It’s a well-known truth that van lifers cherish their gym participation!

9. CampGrounds and Parks

Campgrounds and parks are self-evident places to discover hot showers! A few campgrounds will permit you a day pass to come in and utilize the offices without paying for a full night, but why not murder two fowl with one stone and book a spot to rest as well?

10. Public Pools

Not every public pool features a shower, but most do within the changing room zones. Pools are a pleasant option to be beyond any that you’re within the city where you can’t hang your convenient shower or discover an exercise center.

11. Public Beaches

In case you’re on the coast, almost all open US shorelines have open-air showers. And a few of them are truly cool! Most of these showers are good for washing off saltwater, but there are no rules against going for a full scrub down.

12. Friends’ Houses and Tinder Dates

Showering at a friend’s or family’s house is one of my favorite van shower choices since first it’s free, it’s secure, I’m not hurried, and fourth I get to hang with my companion!

5 Van Life Shower Accessories

The following are the five van life shower accessories:

  • Microfiber Towel
  • Mrs. Meyer’s Eco-Friendly Body Wash
  • Bamboo Shower Mat
  • Trader Joe’s 3-1 Wash
  • Clear Toiletries Bag


I prescribe employing a blend of these van life shower thoughts to require care of your hygiene needs. Your cleanliness will alter after you begin living on the road. But that’s a fair portion of the van life travel. Now and then you’ll have to be imaginative in arrange to induce clean! Now and then you’ll shower less, but you’ll also begin to discover that you simply have to shower less.

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