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Campervan Interior Ideas For 2024

After spending hours making your small house, choosing the plan for your camper conversion is a major investment, so you don’t want to be unhappy with the outcome. We’re going to give you some major campervan interior ideas today. We’ll be taking a close look at various DIY camper conversions, an Airstream camper, and Mercedes Sprinter conversions to give you lots of van life inspiration for your upcoming project.

When building your own van, looking through other people’s tiny home projects and campervan conversions is a terrific method to get ideas and brainstorm what should be on your list of needs for van living.

Incredible Campervan Interior Ideas For Van Life Inspiration

If you’re not creating your own van like us, it’s possible that you’re working with a custom van builder and are looking at campervan interior ideas. In any case, seeing a great camper van inside is entertaining and motivating. These are a few of our favorites.

Camper Van Interior: Van Steading

We have never seen a camper van interior modification quite like this one, owned by Vansteading. The stunning curving closet is really eye-catching and softens the van’s overall vibe by eliminating its original square shape. This charming feature was inspired by an antique sheep wagon, and when paired with the rustic wood accents throughout, it gives this little house a truly vintage feel.

The repurposed fireplace grate underneath the bed that serves as a speaker cover is another unusual detail we adore about this camper van’s interior. We adore how this vintage grate’s curvature echoes the shape of the closet, giving it the appearance of an elaborate wood carving.

Campervan Interior Paneling: Esplori Kits

We adore the lightweight aluminum interior panel kits for Sprinter vans that Esplori released this year. Don’t worry if you don’t own a Sprinter; you can still get ideas for your own construction from these van walls. Should you possess a Sprinter, you may want to examine these kits more closely.

Esplori claims that their wall and ceiling panels for a Mercedes Sprinter van are fireproof, recyclable, easy to clean, and available in a range of colors. They also claim to be 40% lighter than conventional materials. A full wiring harness for a van, lights, a fan, insulation, soundproofing, and charging outlets will also be included in the package.

Camper Van Interior: Bunk Beds for a Family

Some individuals ponder whether it’s feasible to travel in a campervan with a family. Yes, is the succinct response. All you need to do is plan the interior of your campervan to accommodate a larger gathering.

Bunk beds for campers are one way you can achieve this. You can put beds in the back of your van at two different heights if you install an L-track system. It’s possible to accomplish this without the L-track, but setting up your own support network will be more difficult. Companies such as Titan Vans, Adventure Wagon, and Esplori offer L-tracks. Many firms provide mattresses that you can put in your camper van and use twice.

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White Camper Van Interiors: Mavis The Airstream

This airstream by @mavistheairstream, with its contrasted, dark timber floors and white, curving walls, looks like something from an interior design magazine. With this incredible camper van inside, traveling would be like living in a dream. Imagine living in a camper with a full-sized sofa! That right there is a small piece of bliss.

A beautifully made retro-style cabinet to house the TV and crucial sound system is located across from the sofa. This cabinet is quirky and useful at the same time.

We adore how light pours in from the numerous windows and the whitewashed walls and ceiling, creating an airy and airy room. The natural wooden cabinets and chairs, with their soft tones that contrast with the white walls, provide another aspect to the white space.

Lastly, a pop of earthy color breaks up the generally neutral airstream tones thanks to the antique rug on the floor.

Camper Van Interiors: Lightweight Upper Cabinetry

It might be difficult to come up with the ideal cabinets and storage solutions for your converted campervan. Should you use a kit or construct it yourself? Is it better to purchase aluminum, oak, or soft-sided cabinets? The lightweight aluminum cabinets by Esplori are a neat choice. Installing their top cabinets on Sprinter vehicles is a simple DIY project.

They fasten to an L-track in six different locations and are robust and lightweight. Cabinets with soft-close hinges and struts for opening and closing are offered in 50′′ and 25′′ variants, made entirely of powder-coated aluminum. For an additional cost, you may also have a custom color.

Camper Van Interiors: Vincent Vanlife

With a white open kitchen that is complemented by wooden cabinets and a sleeping space, this incredible camper van interior by Vincent Van Life offers the best of both worlds. It seems like a cabin on wheels. We like the distinct separation between the two areas, which is accentuated by the cabinet that serves as a partial wall. It appears as though the cupboard provides a cozy hideaway that is ideal for sleeping in.

The vivid pattern draws your attention, and the unique drawers beneath the bed offer a burst of color to this light-filled room. We adore how a necessary piece of storage has been transformed into such a lovely showpiece. One can see a painted mirror reflecting this fantastic geometric design that was painted on the drawers.


So Major Campervan interior ideas have helped you build your own way as you want. Every camper on our list is something we adore; they’re all so different and inspire us to begin our next modification! With any luck, this list has inspired you a lot for your future camper van project as well.

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