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How Much Is It To Rent An RV For A Week?

The RV way of life is something everybody should attempt at least once in their lifetime. But not everybody should purchase an RV.

Renting an RV may be a much way better alternative, particularly for those who take as it were one or two trips a year. But how much should you set aside as rent for a motorhome? How much to rent an RV for a week’s shift? We’ll break down what an RV week-after-week rental takes a toll and what components influence it.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV for a Week?

Numerous components influence how much it costs to rent an RV for a week. In common, you’ll check on around $100-$400 a night for RV rentals or $700-$2800 a week. This fetched will change based on the measure and sort of RV you’re renting. On the off chance that you need specific civilities, that can raise the cost as well.

The age of the RV can moreover play a calculate in the rental cost of the unit. Here’s a breakdown of some averages for a weeklong RV rental with little to no extras included:

  • Class A – $1225 to $1925 (newer models); $800 to $1500 (older models)
  • Class B – $700 to $1400 (newer models); $600 to $1200 (older models)
  • Class C – $1000 to $1400 (newer models); $840 to $1100 (older models)
  • Travel Trailer – $350 to $900 (newer models); $300 to $500 (older models) 
  • Fifth Wheel – $420 to $1000 (newer models); $330 to $750 (older models)

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What Are the Additional Costs To Rent An RV For A Week?

You might expect the rental number to be the final cost, but it ordinarily isn’t the entire story. Perused the fine print of any RV rental to get it what’s included or not included within the deal.


The cost of an RV rental isn’t all you wish to budget for, even though. Be beyond any doubt, particularly on the off chance that you’ll be driving long separations, that the fetched of gas seems to include up rapidly whether you’re driving a motorhome or towing a trailer. RVs are infamous for getting subpar gas mileage.

Other rentals may offer RV conveyance alternatives on the off chance that you don’t need to choose it up yourself, but conveyance costs additional, as well. A few rentals indeed charge per mile after you drive a great separate, so make beyond any doubt to pay consideration to post subtle elements sometime recently in your book.


You’ll moreover be required or welcome to buy extra protection. A few rentals may come with fundamental security, but beyond any doubt, you examined the fine print so you know what it incorporates. Some travel credit cards just like the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card cover car rentals, but not all scope incorporates recreational vehicles, so do a few investigations sometime recently you tally on it.

Bedding And kitchenware

Other rentals may charge additional for things like materials, towels, and dishes on the off chance that you don’t need to bring your claim. Voyage America, for this case, charged $75 additional per individual for pads and sheets and $125 for fundamentals like mugs, blades, and cutting sheets for one rental we inquired about, and one RVshare rental charged additional for bedding, basics, and discretionary updates like an open-air table and chairs.


At that point, if you’re not dispersed camping on free Bureau of Arrive Administration arrival, you’ll too have to figure within the cost of a campground for the night, in a perfect world one with electric and water hookups, which may well be up to $100 per night for upscale campgrounds or as small as $20 at others.

Cleaning Fees

Numerous RV rentals have included cleaning expenses. It’s decently common when leasing an Airbnb or condo, so it may not come as a colossal shock to you. A cleaning charge guarantees that the RV has altogether cleaned and sanitized sometime recently and after your rental time.

Things To Look At Before Renting An RV

On the off chance that you’re concerned about the cost of renting an RV for a week, there are other things you wish to know. More particularly, you should know how to discover the finest RV for yourself. Here are several criteria to see when prospecting RVs for your trip:

Number of Travelers on The Trip

The primary thing you wish to check is the number of individuals you’ll have on board. This should incorporate kids, senior citizens, and pets (it makes a difference to arrange for their space). Most individuals neglect this and bounce straight to the estimating table. But when arranging for an RV trip, get clarity on this figure to begin with.

The RV Type

Usually specifically tied to the primary one. The sort of RV you select will depend on the number of inhabitants. Getting the RV sort right is fundamental since the sorts are estimated unexpectedly. You’ll spare significantly more by renting a Class C motorhome or a towable trailer. These moreover offer the next mpg than Class A motorhomes, which interprets to more investment funds.

Indeed in case you’re an expansive family or have kids, a Class C motorhome might just fit your needs since they have bunk beds. Pets can sneak in on any of the beds. So, you’ll not essentially require an expansive motorhome. But it’s vital to adjust to taking a toll with comfort and to be liberal wherever required.

Insurance And Taxes

You’d need to pay insurance costs for renting an RV. At times, this is often included inside the day-by-day rates, whereas other renters have it beneath the ‘Additional Cost’ section. RV rental protections offer assurance against harm. Hence, on the off chance that you come over a minor or major mishap on the trip, the protection arrangement will safeguard you fiscally to a few degrees.

Driving Condition of The Vehicle

Last but not least, you should check how well the motorhome is rolling on the street. Since you’re arranging a week-long trip, it makes a difference to guarantee that the RV is in the best driving condition. It’s too critical to note that diverse sorts of RV drive in an unexpected ways. Driving a Class A motorhome would feel like maneuvering a transport, whereas a Class B RV feels like a minivan.

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Deciding the cost to rent an RV for a week depends on different components such as the sort of RV, its estimate, and the rental company’s arrangements. Costs can run from budget-friendly to extravagant, obliging different inclinations and budgets. It’s significant to carefully consider your needs, arrange ahead, and compare rental alternatives to discover the most excellent bargain.

Furthermore, being careful of any covered-up expenses or additional charges guarantees a transparent rental involvement. Eventually, with appropriate inquiry and planning, renting an RV for a week can offer an energizing and reasonable way to explore the open street, making enduring recollections without breaking the bank.

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