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Class C RV With Washer And Dryer: The Top Picks

Having additional features in an RV can provide additional benefits when you want everything placed inside one RV to give you the comfort you need. Extra features like a washer and dryer can serve a great purpose in an RV. Consider yourself on a long camping trip where you will be off-network for a while, and you won’t be returning to your home for days.

In such conditions, a Class C RV with washer and dryer can be very useful, as you would need to do your laundry.

The Top Picks of Class C RV With Washer And Dryer

  • Jayco Seneca 37K
  • Thor Motor Coach Magnitude RB34
  • Thor Motor Coach Quantum KW29
  • Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Jayco Seneca 37K

The greatest option available in the Class C category for a washer and dryer is the Jayco Seneca 37K. It’s a diesel Class C RV designed to enhance your trip to the fullest. First-rate amenities include wooden cabinets, two climate control units, an L-shaped sofa, 1.5 bathrooms, an extra large bed, a standard cooler made of tempered steel, and an outside entertainment space.

It contains two gray water holding tanks totaling 91 gallons, two 63-gallon black water holding tanks, and one 72-gallon freshwater tank. Additionally, there is a washer/dryer combo option available in the restroom storage towards the back of the RV.

It allows you to get dressed while out on the street and keeps your clothes out of the area where others are living. Because of this, it’s perhaps the greatest RV to pick for having the most experiences. It also features a large kitchen with an abundance of drawers and a sturdy top counter. Hot showers and wardrobes in the main room ensure that you will be comfortable and well-rested during your trip.

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Thor Motor Coach Magnitude RB34

Magnitude RB34 by Thor is the next option; it features a washer-dryer combo in your main room as well as some really stylish outside features for comfortable indoor-open-air living. With its 35’6″ exterior length, eight people may sleep inside thanks to the over-the-cab bed, master bed in the back, fold-down dinette bed, and lofts that convert to wardrobe space.

This Class C motorhome has an outside kitchen and a 32-inch TV for entertainment in the great outdoors. The kitchen and diversion area are covered by a 20-foot power overhang, which is intended to keep you dry when cooking or grilling.

In addition, it has theater seats for times when you just want to relax and a separate refrigerator with plenty of space for storing cold food.

Thor Motorcoach Quantum KW29

This Quantum KW29 offers you maximum flexibility, whether you are looking for a private room or a washing machine and dryer in your Class C RV. This motorhome’s mid-camper passage allows you to quickly enter and access the pocketknife sofa or double entrance fridge. The slideout in this area features a Dream Dinette and an L-shaped counter with appliances. There’s also a flip-up ledge and a sink made of tempered steel.

A security cover shields the 32-inch TV, the closet, and the king bed slideout. Alternatively, you may lock the sliding door to create a separate space with a complete bathroom, clothes closet, and storage ready for a washer and dryer. While viewing the 39-inch TV, the kids or guests can take a nap on the furniture and the cab-over bed.

Additionally, a 32-inch TV is available outside for watching shows while lounging outside. It has a better one-piece TPO roof, welded cylindrical aluminum roofing and sidewall constrain development, a welded rounded steel floor, and, depending on the model you choose, either frameless slider windows or dark outlined windows.

Coachmen Leprechaun 311FS

Considered one of the most opulent class C RV models, the Leprechaun has a washer and dryer option. It is equipped with an overdrive 6-speed gearbox. Its gross vehicle weight rating is 14,500 pounds, and its towing capacity is 7,500 pounds. This RV has an excellent interior design and is covered by a one-year guarantee. It had a V10 engine with 305 horsepower.

Its body is made of aluminum, and its side protection is made of fiberglass. The rear of the RV, storage, and a full-sliding doorway are all located in the main area. It also features a single bathroom with a porcelain toilet.

The rear of this RV has a washroom area that is equipped with a washer/dryer combo. It prevents clothes from being in the family room. One fifty-gallon freshwater tank supplies the water, while two thirty-two-gallon gray and one thirty-one-gallon black water tanks empty it.

It has a 55-gallon fuel restriction and a 450-gallon storage maximum. It also weighs 68 pounds and features a 16-gallon propane tank. It also features one 19-foot retractable power shade, two power-retractable slideouts, and an entrance.

The inside features a main room, a kitchen, a living area, a shower, a toilet, and vinyl flooring. The dinette table is arranged in a U shape in the kitchen. It features a front living area and a middle-sized kitchen.

Advantages Of Washers And Dryers in Class C RV

It makes sense to get a Class C RV with a washing and dryer since you can wash your clothing for free. The advantages of owning a washer and dryer in your Class C RV are enumerated below. In order for you to decide if an RV washer and dryer is right for you, it would be wisest to start by outlining some of its advantages.

  • Simplicity And Convenience
  • Eliminates Unplanned Stops
  • Provides Facility Inside The RV
  • Reduces Laundry Expenses


The best class C RV choices with a washer and dryer were covered in this article. Listed below are a few class C cars that are equipped with this functionality. Select any Class C that piques your interest, then write a review for us in the space provided for comments.

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